Monday, October 6, 2014

Six Advantages of Professional Cleaning Services when Moving in to a New Home in Airdrie.

If you are moving in to a new home in Airdrie, Canada, availing of professional housecleaning in Airdrie services is recommended. Rather than turning to a group whose expertise is questionable or handling all the cleaning on your own, let a dependable company step in to take care of the cleaning. This way, you can expect a clean and safe welcome as you start life in your new home. Here are but a few of the advantages that come with hiring professional cleaners.
First and foremost, your cleaning company offers professional cleaning services and is always on time. 

Consider the fact that you are in a new environment in Canada, you could end up wasting precious hours due to the unprofessional approach of an unreliable cleaning group, instead of spending the worthwhile moments discovering fresh possibilities in your new home. You want to avoid hiring companies with questionable ethics.

With right cleaning company, you can eliminate any possible damages to your property caused by inexperience and poor work ethics.
Broken glassware, torn carpet and discoloured tiles are common problems caused by those companies whom refuse to avail themselves of the most experinced cleaners in the city of Airdrie. You need a company that offers professional maid services and knows how to work with you and your property. If you do decide to let professionals do wonders for your new home, chances are, you will never regret the decision in the future.
Quality is always a primary goal with professional cleaning services.
While other service companies charge clients costly fees, some of Airdrie’s privileged homeowners hire competent cleaners that are very affordable. This not only saves you money but gives you a sense of honest value for your investment.

Using a proficient cleaning company allows you to concentrate on coping with the stress of moving, far more effective use of your time.
A professional cleaning company knows that moving into a new home is often challenging. You can eliminate the stress by using a company with both move in and out services. Professionals understand that you will have an overload of items to attend to. With move in and out cleaning services, along with a lineup of other professional services, you need not fret about anything entrusted to the professional cleaners. Simply relax and enjoy your new home.
Should your needs require additional personal, a professional cleaning service has those resources to complete their services in a timely and cost effective manner.

Carpets, dining rooms, kitchens, and numerous other areas of your new home may require specialized attention. Finding a different team to accomplish those special services can be time-consuming, confusing, and very expensive. By choosing to hire a professional cleaning company that already serves clients in the Airdrie, you know that you’re in good hands.
A benefit of hiring a company in professional cleaning service that resides in Airdrie is that any concerns you have will always be addressed quickly and effectively. We welcome your feedback, both positive and negative and will always do whatever it takes to make sure your experience is positive and satisfying one. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean and Pristine Looking

Cleaning the carpet is a tiresome task. In case you perform a lousy job doing it, expect that your carpet lifespan will be reduced a lot and it might force you to redo the task, which makes it more troublesome than just doing it right the first time. And if you are no carpet cleaning Edmonton expert when cleaning the carpet, it is highly suggested that you remember the tips, tricks, and advices below – they will save you some of your precious energy and your carpet’s life.

Getting a Carpet Steamer or Shampooer
If you got some spare cash, you might want to invest on a good carpet steamer or shampooer. The most effective type of a carpet steamer is the ones with a built in heater, so choose one like that when you decide to buy. Also, make sure that the one that you will choose can provide the hottest steam possible. Take note, the hotter the water the steamer can apply, the more germs it can kill and dirt it can loosen up.

It is also advisable that you make it a habit to clean your carpet once every week, especially if many people are residing in your house or if you got pets. Frequent cleaning of your carpet actually prolongs its life since it will prevent the accumulation of dirt that may damage your carpet’s fibers. On another note, you should focus more on the high traffic areas (the places where many people or pets walk on to) and the spots under of your appliances or furniture.

To make sure that the lifespan of your carpet will be longer, you should also some carpet cleaning, deodorizing, and protecting chemicals such as carpet protectants, deodorizers, and spotters.

When attempting to clean your carpet thoroughly, always make it a point that you start and end with vacuuming. Applying chemicals or liquid cleaners first will make the carpet cleaning task more difficult and messy. Also, never let anybody walk around the house and let your pets wander around when cleaning the carpet. When cleaning or damping your carpet, it absorbs dirt faster. On the hand, you would not want to make your pets be tempted to lick the carpet wet with cleaning chemicals.

Notes about Soaking Your Carpet
In addition, if you are planning to soak the carpet with liquid cleaning materials or water, always make sure that you make your carpet dry as fast as possible. As mentioned a while ago, a wet carpet can become dirty faster. Also, it is a bad idea to rely on your house’s ventilation alone to dry your newly carpet. Make an effort of removing the excess water or liquid in the carpet with some clean and dry clothes or garments.

You should also put into mind that excess liquid could make its way to the carpets underlay. According to experts in carpet cleaning in Edmonton, the liquid may pass through the carpet and make its way on to the floor. If your floor is made of wood, the water can make it rot. Also, your carpet may develop an unpleasant odor.

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Power of Chlorine in Keeping Your Pool Clean

Many Canada residents own an outdoor pool. If you’re one of them, do you know that it can be conditioned with chlorine? Companies that offer the services of Calgary maids as well as pool and upholstery cleaning services, are in on the fact and it’s among the reasons they have what it takes to keep your pool clean and clear. Rather than sulk because a source of your recreation looks unappealing, start making changes. Think the task of restoring your pool’s condition is hard? You’re mistaken. Just find out more about the element then you may have a solution.

A Bit More about Chlorine
You may already be informed that chlorine is a common chemical element. But, are you aware that it is reactive? It is and it is usually mixed with a variety of compounds to produce a stronger effect. Apart from being used for pool cleaning, it is deemed one of the best discoloration agents, disinfectants, pesticides, purifiers, and tile cleaners for the kitchen and home.

Algae can be eliminated with the application of algaecides or correct doses of chlorine. With the unpleasant organisms breeding in the pool in your Calgary home, it can mean the swimming venue can be slimy and slippery. Apart from the unattractive sense, having the mossy growth can lead to health problems. To avoid such instance, have it cleaned with the chemical regularly. If you’re up to it, once a week will suffice.
No More Metal

Is your pool one of those places containing metallic substances? Especially if you fill your spot with water from natural water sources such as lakes, rivers, and springs, metals, in minimal amounts, may be lurking within. Fortunately, with chlorine, you can do something about them. As the element binds with certain molecules, it can serve as an effective neutralizer. As they don’t exactly stand in the way, the presence of these metals can be ignored. If left in the pool for a long period, however, they may be cause of the deliberate blackening of the water.

Are there brown spots in your pool? They look bothersome indeed especially if your swimming spot used to be the most attractive one you’ve ever seen. However, don’t fret. By applying a concentration of chlorine or chlorine products, those stains can be gone in a few hours.

Cleaning Tip when Using Chlorine

After results for water balance levels tests went fine, you may begin to restore your pool’s condition. With the sun typically acting as a chlorine-magnet, it’s best to add chlorine during evenings. Since you’re probably going to sleep anyway, consider leaving it until noon. Maximum oxidation can be achieved over night. If you’re using chlorine products such as tablets and other bottled packets, it’s advisable to follow the instructions that are usually imprinted on the label.

With chlorine, keeping your pool clean and clear can be accomplished. If you don’t think you can handle the job on your own, worry not. As a resident in Canada, don’t forget that there are many groups you can approach. Because there are many cleaning companies around the area, you can easily hire a group of Calgary maids to help you. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Must Know Tips for Cleaning Windows

The sight of a clean and sparkling home is something that can make anybody happy. However, that happy feeling can instantly disappear if you see a speck of dirt on any part of the house, especially the windows. Unfortunately, window cleaning is a task that requires a great deal of care and patience. For one, not using the right cleaning equipment might not give you a good cleaning result. On the other hand, doing it improperly will just waste your time and effort. Anyway, to prevent those, follow the tips below.

To prevent leaving undesirable dirt or water streaks on your window, it is advisable to clean your windows when the sun is not visible. Take note that the heat of the sun can make the cleaning solution that you are going to use to dry up faster. Due to that, before you wipe your windows dry, streaks will form. That will make your window cleaning task a waste if you are careless, and it will take too much of your time if you are too careful.

When cleaning windows, do it like pro window cleaners. And what do professionals use to clean windows? Squeegees. This tool is effective on preventing streaks from forming since the rubber blade effectively remove the cleaning liquid and the dirt was dissolve in its surface in one swipe. Also, a squeegee can help you reach hard to reach windows if you attach a pole on it.

You do not actually need to use commercial window cleaning chemicals for your windows. A few drops of dishwashing liquid soap, and a bucket of warm water are enough to clean your windows. Since different liquid dish soaps have different concentrations, no exact ratio can be used as a guideline for your window-cleaning task. However, to know if you have used enough detergent, there should be little amounts of bubbles on your mix. Also, you should test it using your squeegee. You will need a few drops more of the detergent on the cleaning solution if the squeegee squeaks whenever you use it to wipe your windows.

By the way, before you start wielding your squeegee, you should start scrubbing your windowpanes using a soft sponge that was dipped on your cleaning solution first. If you do that, it will loosen the dirt that accumulated on the glasses. But make sure that you remove the extra soap suds on the sponge by squeezing it before using it to wipe your windows.

After scrubbing your windows, it is time for you to wipe the suds using your squeegee. In case you are cleaning inside your house, you need to place some towels below the window. You do not want to create puddles of water that you will need to clean later, do you? Then, start wiping the suds from the top going downwards. After each stroke, you should dry your squeegees blade to avoid it from dripping. According to expert window cleaners in Calgary, a lint free cloth is mandatory to use when drying the blade. Paper towels are a no-no since using them will leave some fibers on your squeegee’s blade and your windows.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Improving Your House Window Manually

By default, a man needs to clean his house once every week. However, it is essential that he must break that routine whenever a special occasion will happen. And that is especially important if Valentine’s Day is coming, and he is planning to invite his girlfriend over to spend a romantic dinner and celebrate.

Naturally, men are messy beings, and doing a regular cleaning chore is not enough for their special guests to be impressed and turned on during their wholesome dates in their respective houses. Because of that, they should follow these tips mentioned below that are specifically created for them.

Prepare Yourself Mentally
Men are not bad when it comes to cleaning according to companies that offer Calgary window cleaning services. The only reason the male population is often associated with dirty rooms or houses is that they do not exert effort. Why? That because most of them do not care how messy their rooms are. That is chiefly true if they are living alone.

However, try checking out their cars. It can be cleaner than the plate they eat off every day. Not only that, but they are also capable of using most of their time cleaning their cars and gadgets. And the common result? Spotless. Due to that, it is essential for you to change your mindset. You must think that your house is like your car or important electronics – even if it is only for Valentine’s Day.

Focus on the Most Important Places First
Performing spring-cleaning in only one day is almost impossible unless you are living in a small flat or apartment. Due to that, it is logical for you to start cleaning on the places where your date will pass through and stay on. To be more specific, focus on cleaning the living room, toilet, bath, and your room. You can get away with cleaning the kitchen last by just preventing her access on that place.

Improving Your House’s Overall Scent
After cleaning everything in your house, the next step you should do is to eliminate your manly smell and the smell of cleaning chemicals you have used. The most effective way to do that according to Calgary window cleaning companies is to ventilate your house a bit by turning on the fans, turning off the air conditioning unit, and opening your windows for about an hour or two.

While you are ventilating your house, you can start cleaning your air conditioner if you have enough time. After that, turn your air conditioning unit again, spray some air freshener, and light up some scented candles. If you want that sweet smell to become more powerful, do that the day before Valentines. However, do not forget to light up some scented candles again once she is in the house.

On the other hand, if you do not like the smell of air fresheners, you can substitute flowers. It is a bit costly, but hey; it is a special day for you and her.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Make Household Cleaning Easier With These Tips

There will be some time that you will want to slack off than to clean the house. Nobody can blame you; cleaning is such a mundane task. But to make things easier for you, here are some tips from a certain cleaning company in Calgary to make cleaning easier and friendlier for people who do not like the idea of doing the task at all.

Do not attempt to dust places that you cannot reach normally; it usually results to accidents. You might topple some vases, books, or anything that you were unable to see because they are situated in a high place. Get some help or get a dusting tool that has a better reach and is bendable.

Pet Hair Removal
Removing pet hair from your upholstery and furniture sets should not be a difficult job. Get a regular rubber or your typical dishwashing gloves. Wear them, and wet them with a glass of water. After that, wipe the surfaces that your pets frequently visit, and watch how much pet hair will stick to your gloves.

Organized Cleaning
Cleaning the house seems to be a tiresome and time-consuming task. Well, nobody is forcing you to clean your entire house in one go. You can split up the cleaning tasks; just give house cleaning 30 minutes every day. After a week or two, your house will be as clean as you want it without stressing yourself too much.

To make sure you would not slack off after your first attempt to clean the house, make a checklist of the places you need to clean. It will serve as an important reminder that you need to clean first before doing anything else. Also, it will prevent you from cleaning the same place twice.

Create or Buy a Storage Space for Cleaning Products
In case you are living with savages (for the lack of a nicer word), it will be worth your money to invest on buying a shelf dedicated for cleaning products. Some would say that vinegar, baking soda, and dishwashing liquid is enough. But not all people know how to use them, most especially your housemates. Because of that, let them know the existence of that shelf, and let them know how they can fix their own mess easily using the products you bought. Once they get the hang of cleaning after themselves, you have successfully freed yourself from tons of cleaning tasks.

Of course, when buying cleaning products, make sure that they are not loaded with too many harsh chemicals. Getting products like that not only risk you from inhaling toxic materials, but it will ensure you that they will not damage your things as well. On the other hand, in case you have no cash to spare, make your own. Get containers with spray nozzles and mix some cleaning concoction made up of safe chemicals such as vinegar, baking soda, cornstarch, and lemon. Do not forget to put a label on them for your housemates to know what spray they need to fix the incidents or messes they have done. And of course, if you are fed up with cleaning, get somebody to do it for you. Hire somebody from a cleaningcompany from Calgary.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

3 Easy Breezy Tips for Maintaining Your Carpets

Cleaning carpets isn’t easy. It takes a whole lot of time and effort to make sure that all the particles of dirt are removed from the carpet. Many people don’t even bother trying to clean their rugs and carpets by themselves.
It’s definitely easier and more cost efficient to hire a professional cleaning service to do the job. Unfortunately, hiring a Calgary carpet cleaning service to bring your carpets back to life is one thing, keeping them clean is another story altogether. It’s important to make sure carpets stay clean after the cleaners have had a go at it. It not only saves you money by lengthening the time between services, it also helps allergens and bacteria from making a home out of the carpet or rug. Here are some tips to make sure that your carpets stay in pristine shape. 

  • Use Your Vacuum – You bought your vacuum cleaner for a reason. That is to get rid of dust particles that get stuck in between the weaving in the carpet. It may look like the carpet doesn’t need vacuuming at times, but you’ll be surprised how much dirt and dust you can collect from a seemingly clean looking rug or carpet. Of course, regular vacuuming doesn’t guarantee that the carpet won’t get dirty again, but it does help in keeping the dust and dirt from forming ugly stains on the carpet or rug.
  • Don’t wait to clean up spills – Accidents happen and no matter how careful a person is, spills can still occur and damage your beautiful carpets and rugs. The best thing to do when liquid is spilled on to the carpet is to clean it immediately before the liquid dries and stains the carpet. The longer the wait, the more difficult it is to remove the stain. Even plain water, when spilled on a carpet that’s full of dust can create a stain, so it’s important to do something about any type of spill right away. Drenching the carpet with water or cleaning solution and scrubbing off the stain will only make things worse. The proper way to do it is to dab the affected area with a piece of cloth dipped in water or (homemade or commercially bought) cleaning solution. Do this until the stain disappears.
  • Keep carpets away from direct sunlight – The sun’s rays are known to be harmful to a person’s skin when over exposed to sunlight. The same goes with carpets. Extended exposure to sunlight can cause the carpet fibers to fade. Slowly, the once vibrant colors that made your rug or carpet perfect for your home will appear dull, faded, and dirty looking. Make sure you position your carpet or rug in an area of the room where direct sunlight won’t hit it or pull down the window shades, curtains, or blinds when necessary to protect the carpet fibers.

Cleaning carpets is no joke. That’s why in Calgary, carpet cleaning is a major service offered by most professional maid and cleaning services. To save yourself time and money on cleaning services or replacing a damaged carpet, make sure you take the necessary steps in maintaining your carpets and keeping them clean.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year’s Cleaning: Professional Cleaners to the Rescue!

  People engage in a lot of year-end activities as the new year draws near. This includes tedious chores such as New Year’s cleaning. Instead of spending all that time cleaning your house on your own, why not just hire a professional maid service? Calgary is a city that’s not lacking when it comes to companies that offer professional cleaning service. Many people think that hiring a professional cleaner is a waste of money, but it is actually a very cost-efficient alternative. Here are some of the reasons why. 

·       - It’s a big time saver – It can take an entire weekend for a family of four (assuming the kids are old enough to help out) to clean an entire house. Imagine how much longer it would take for someone who lives alone. Time is very valuable and the time you have to spend cleaning your home could be better spent working or going out with friends. A professional maid service can do an even better job at cleaning the house so quickly, you won’t even notice them come and go (while you’re out for the day.
     -It’s not as expensive as it sounds – One common misconception is that professional cleaning services cost an arm and a leg. In some cases it may be true, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many professional cleaners that offer their services at competitive rates and give loyal customers special discounts on cleaning services.
      -They’re very flexible – Gone are the days where maid services offer a one-size-fits-all cleaning package. If you want the cleaners to do particular tasks and skip the others, it is now very much possible. Home cleaning services can be done on a per-task basis where clients submit a checklist of things they want done. If it’s not on the list, the cleaners won’t perform the task and they won’t charge you for it, too.
     -They do their jobs well – If you’ve ever tried removing the dirt stuck in between the bathroom or kitchen tiles, you should already know that it takes more than a spray of some commercially available “miracle cleaner” in order to get the job done. Professional cleaners know what they’re doing and they do their jobs to the best of their abilities leaving your house squeaky clean when they’re done.
       -They do carpets, too! – One of the most difficult items to clean inside the home is the carpet. Regular vacuuming may not be enough, especially when dirt and stains are embedded into the carpet or rug’s fibers. Professional  carpet cleaningservices don’t just vacuum, they shampoo the carpets as well. They can even perform steam cleaning on the rugs and carpets when needed.

There is no doubt that professional cleaning services can make people’s lives easier, especially during the time when everyone is busy with their year-end activities. If you’re looking for a great professional maid service, Calgary is a city that won’t disappoint. All you need to do is to pick up the phone and contact a professional cleaning service near you to get a price quote.