Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Questions You Should Ask to a Cleaning Company in Edmonton

As you search for the appropriate cleaning company in Edmonton for you, do not be afraid to ask questions. You have to be inquisitive because you will spend your hard-earned money for it. More importantly, you have a goal to fulfill: to make your home and your office free from dust, dirt and stain. But what are the things that you should ask?

1.    Does it have license, bond and insurance?
Your home and your office are your treasures. You should not deal with a cleaning company that does not hold a license. Aside from this, it has to be bonded so you can make sure that it will be the one responsible for any losses and damages that may arise. It should be insured as well.

2.    Does it accept cleaning services during emergencies?
You want to build a long-term business relationship with professional cleaners. This is why it should assure you that it is always available in case of urgent needs like clogged and broken pipes, flood and others. The staff should be ready to answer your calls and to attend to all your cleaning needs any time and any day. Moreover, you should be assigned to only one staff member so it is already familiar with your locations and usual requirements.

3.    Can it provide you with all your cleaning necessities?
Why hire a set of professional cleaners for both your home and office if you can get all the cleaning services from a single cleaning company in Edmonton? For easier communication, it is better to look for one that can provide you with several, if not all, of your cleaning needs.

4.    How long do their expert cleaners work for them?
Yes, you have to inquire about the number of years their expert cleaners work for them. The longer they are in the company, the more reason for you to trust them with your home and office items. This is because they will never stay in the organization for long if they are the type of persons who do something wrong with their clients.

5.    What are their specific cleaning plans for your home and office?
The list of services they provide you is not enough for you to sign the contract already. You have to ask them about their specific cleaning plans. Do they offer customized cleaning services? This is because you should believe that not all clients require the same. It will be better if you can bring them to your home and office prior to signing of contract. 

A cleaning company in Edmonton is what you need. But do not be in a rush. You have to ask about so many things. Some of them are listed above.

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