Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How to Clean Your Bedroom (Before Your Mom Gets Mad)

Cleaning CompanyYour mom is complaining about your room. She says you need to clean it or you’ll be grounded for the rest of the weekend. She told you that she hires a cleaning company in Regina to do major cleaning once a month but you should be able to do basic stuff every day. Of course, you are threatened so you immediately grab the broom and the dust pan. But how do you start?

1. You need music to lift your spirit. Turn on the radio (or your smart phone) and play your favorite songs.

2. Before you sweep the floor, remove the dust on your bedside table, computer or study table and others. Do the same thing to all the pieces on it, including the photo frames. Use dry cloth first to avoid getting everything soiled. Finish this task off with clean and damp cloth.

3. Bring dirty dishes back to the kitchen. Gather all trash and place them in the bin. Give the recyclable items to your mom; she knows what to do with it.

4. Carefully check all the things inside your drawers. Throw away the ones that you no longer use or give them to your friends. The same goes with your old clothes. Give your dresser the breathing space it deserves.

5. If you have concerns with lighting or electrical switches, leave this task to your mom as she will get these things done by the cleaning company in Regina.

6. Organize your shoes; clean those that are soiled to avoid messing your floor.

7. Vacuum your carpeted floor. This will not only allow you to inhale dust; this will also cause skin allergy. Do not forget to vacuum underneath your bed. Most of the dirt stays under.

8. Replace curtains and bedding. They also carry dirt because they have been there for long.

9. Rearrange your room if you like. It will give your room a new look.

10. After you are done with cleaning, spray air freshener.

After your hard work, your mom will be so proud of you. She may even give you a treat afterwards. Isn’t it a good feeling to have a clean room? You can now invite your friends for a sleepover because you know they are safe to stay with you. No dust will cause them skin itch (like you experienced before). Now, your mom will not experience fatigue because you and the cleaning company in Regina she hires every month makes her so.

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