Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Improving Your House Window Manually

By default, a man needs to clean his house once every week. However, it is essential that he must break that routine whenever a special occasion will happen. And that is especially important if Valentine’s Day is coming, and he is planning to invite his girlfriend over to spend a romantic dinner and celebrate.

Naturally, men are messy beings, and doing a regular cleaning chore is not enough for their special guests to be impressed and turned on during their wholesome dates in their respective houses. Because of that, they should follow these tips mentioned below that are specifically created for them.

Prepare Yourself Mentally
Men are not bad when it comes to cleaning according to companies that offer Calgary window cleaning services. The only reason the male population is often associated with dirty rooms or houses is that they do not exert effort. Why? That because most of them do not care how messy their rooms are. That is chiefly true if they are living alone.

However, try checking out their cars. It can be cleaner than the plate they eat off every day. Not only that, but they are also capable of using most of their time cleaning their cars and gadgets. And the common result? Spotless. Due to that, it is essential for you to change your mindset. You must think that your house is like your car or important electronics – even if it is only for Valentine’s Day.

Focus on the Most Important Places First
Performing spring-cleaning in only one day is almost impossible unless you are living in a small flat or apartment. Due to that, it is logical for you to start cleaning on the places where your date will pass through and stay on. To be more specific, focus on cleaning the living room, toilet, bath, and your room. You can get away with cleaning the kitchen last by just preventing her access on that place.

Improving Your House’s Overall Scent
After cleaning everything in your house, the next step you should do is to eliminate your manly smell and the smell of cleaning chemicals you have used. The most effective way to do that according to Calgary window cleaning companies is to ventilate your house a bit by turning on the fans, turning off the air conditioning unit, and opening your windows for about an hour or two.

While you are ventilating your house, you can start cleaning your air conditioner if you have enough time. After that, turn your air conditioning unit again, spray some air freshener, and light up some scented candles. If you want that sweet smell to become more powerful, do that the day before Valentines. However, do not forget to light up some scented candles again once she is in the house.

On the other hand, if you do not like the smell of air fresheners, you can substitute flowers. It is a bit costly, but hey; it is a special day for you and her.

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