Monday, March 17, 2014

Must Know Tips for Cleaning Windows

The sight of a clean and sparkling home is something that can make anybody happy. However, that happy feeling can instantly disappear if you see a speck of dirt on any part of the house, especially the windows. Unfortunately, window cleaning is a task that requires a great deal of care and patience. For one, not using the right cleaning equipment might not give you a good cleaning result. On the other hand, doing it improperly will just waste your time and effort. Anyway, to prevent those, follow the tips below.

To prevent leaving undesirable dirt or water streaks on your window, it is advisable to clean your windows when the sun is not visible. Take note that the heat of the sun can make the cleaning solution that you are going to use to dry up faster. Due to that, before you wipe your windows dry, streaks will form. That will make your window cleaning task a waste if you are careless, and it will take too much of your time if you are too careful.

When cleaning windows, do it like pro window cleaners. And what do professionals use to clean windows? Squeegees. This tool is effective on preventing streaks from forming since the rubber blade effectively remove the cleaning liquid and the dirt was dissolve in its surface in one swipe. Also, a squeegee can help you reach hard to reach windows if you attach a pole on it.

You do not actually need to use commercial window cleaning chemicals for your windows. A few drops of dishwashing liquid soap, and a bucket of warm water are enough to clean your windows. Since different liquid dish soaps have different concentrations, no exact ratio can be used as a guideline for your window-cleaning task. However, to know if you have used enough detergent, there should be little amounts of bubbles on your mix. Also, you should test it using your squeegee. You will need a few drops more of the detergent on the cleaning solution if the squeegee squeaks whenever you use it to wipe your windows.

By the way, before you start wielding your squeegee, you should start scrubbing your windowpanes using a soft sponge that was dipped on your cleaning solution first. If you do that, it will loosen the dirt that accumulated on the glasses. But make sure that you remove the extra soap suds on the sponge by squeezing it before using it to wipe your windows.

After scrubbing your windows, it is time for you to wipe the suds using your squeegee. In case you are cleaning inside your house, you need to place some towels below the window. You do not want to create puddles of water that you will need to clean later, do you? Then, start wiping the suds from the top going downwards. After each stroke, you should dry your squeegees blade to avoid it from dripping. According to expert window cleaners in Calgary, a lint free cloth is mandatory to use when drying the blade. Paper towels are a no-no since using them will leave some fibers on your squeegee’s blade and your windows.

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