Monday, March 31, 2014

The Power of Chlorine in Keeping Your Pool Clean

Many Canada residents own an outdoor pool. If you’re one of them, do you know that it can be conditioned with chlorine? Companies that offer the services of Calgary maids as well as pool and upholstery cleaning services, are in on the fact and it’s among the reasons they have what it takes to keep your pool clean and clear. Rather than sulk because a source of your recreation looks unappealing, start making changes. Think the task of restoring your pool’s condition is hard? You’re mistaken. Just find out more about the element then you may have a solution.

A Bit More about Chlorine
You may already be informed that chlorine is a common chemical element. But, are you aware that it is reactive? It is and it is usually mixed with a variety of compounds to produce a stronger effect. Apart from being used for pool cleaning, it is deemed one of the best discoloration agents, disinfectants, pesticides, purifiers, and tile cleaners for the kitchen and home.

Algae can be eliminated with the application of algaecides or correct doses of chlorine. With the unpleasant organisms breeding in the pool in your Calgary home, it can mean the swimming venue can be slimy and slippery. Apart from the unattractive sense, having the mossy growth can lead to health problems. To avoid such instance, have it cleaned with the chemical regularly. If you’re up to it, once a week will suffice.
No More Metal

Is your pool one of those places containing metallic substances? Especially if you fill your spot with water from natural water sources such as lakes, rivers, and springs, metals, in minimal amounts, may be lurking within. Fortunately, with chlorine, you can do something about them. As the element binds with certain molecules, it can serve as an effective neutralizer. As they don’t exactly stand in the way, the presence of these metals can be ignored. If left in the pool for a long period, however, they may be cause of the deliberate blackening of the water.

Are there brown spots in your pool? They look bothersome indeed especially if your swimming spot used to be the most attractive one you’ve ever seen. However, don’t fret. By applying a concentration of chlorine or chlorine products, those stains can be gone in a few hours.

Cleaning Tip when Using Chlorine

After results for water balance levels tests went fine, you may begin to restore your pool’s condition. With the sun typically acting as a chlorine-magnet, it’s best to add chlorine during evenings. Since you’re probably going to sleep anyway, consider leaving it until noon. Maximum oxidation can be achieved over night. If you’re using chlorine products such as tablets and other bottled packets, it’s advisable to follow the instructions that are usually imprinted on the label.

With chlorine, keeping your pool clean and clear can be accomplished. If you don’t think you can handle the job on your own, worry not. As a resident in Canada, don’t forget that there are many groups you can approach. Because there are many cleaning companies around the area, you can easily hire a group of Calgary maids to help you. 

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