Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean and Pristine Looking

Cleaning the carpet is a tiresome task. In case you perform a lousy job doing it, expect that your carpet lifespan will be reduced a lot and it might force you to redo the task, which makes it more troublesome than just doing it right the first time. And if you are no carpet cleaning Edmonton expert when cleaning the carpet, it is highly suggested that you remember the tips, tricks, and advices below – they will save you some of your precious energy and your carpet’s life.

Getting a Carpet Steamer or Shampooer
If you got some spare cash, you might want to invest on a good carpet steamer or shampooer. The most effective type of a carpet steamer is the ones with a built in heater, so choose one like that when you decide to buy. Also, make sure that the one that you will choose can provide the hottest steam possible. Take note, the hotter the water the steamer can apply, the more germs it can kill and dirt it can loosen up.

It is also advisable that you make it a habit to clean your carpet once every week, especially if many people are residing in your house or if you got pets. Frequent cleaning of your carpet actually prolongs its life since it will prevent the accumulation of dirt that may damage your carpet’s fibers. On another note, you should focus more on the high traffic areas (the places where many people or pets walk on to) and the spots under of your appliances or furniture.

To make sure that the lifespan of your carpet will be longer, you should also some carpet cleaning, deodorizing, and protecting chemicals such as carpet protectants, deodorizers, and spotters.

When attempting to clean your carpet thoroughly, always make it a point that you start and end with vacuuming. Applying chemicals or liquid cleaners first will make the carpet cleaning task more difficult and messy. Also, never let anybody walk around the house and let your pets wander around when cleaning the carpet. When cleaning or damping your carpet, it absorbs dirt faster. On the hand, you would not want to make your pets be tempted to lick the carpet wet with cleaning chemicals.

Notes about Soaking Your Carpet
In addition, if you are planning to soak the carpet with liquid cleaning materials or water, always make sure that you make your carpet dry as fast as possible. As mentioned a while ago, a wet carpet can become dirty faster. Also, it is a bad idea to rely on your house’s ventilation alone to dry your newly carpet. Make an effort of removing the excess water or liquid in the carpet with some clean and dry clothes or garments.

You should also put into mind that excess liquid could make its way to the carpets underlay. According to experts in carpet cleaning in Edmonton, the liquid may pass through the carpet and make its way on to the floor. If your floor is made of wood, the water can make it rot. Also, your carpet may develop an unpleasant odor.

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